How to Do Oil Pulling for Dental Health

You may have heard of the term “oil pulling” and perhaps you’re wondering what is it? What’s so good about it? Does it really work? And how do you do it? Well, this article tells you just that.

What is oil pulling?

Basically oil pulling is just rinsing your mouth out with vegetable oil, just like you would with a mouthwash. Although oil pulling has its origins in Ayurvedic medicine, which dates back thousands of years, this modern version is relatively new, at least in the United States. Oil pulling as we know it today, was introduced in 1992 by a Ukrainian physician, Dr. F. Karach, who presented what he called a remarkable treatment at a conference of the all Ukranische-Union of the Oncologists (specialists for tumor diseases) and Bacteriologists, a part of the Academy of Sciences of UDSSR. His talk involved a super simple healing process for the human body which he called “oil pulling” and which involved sunflower oil.


What are the Benefits?

Dr. Karach claimed that oil pulling could cure a variety of illnesses:

  • asthma,
  • allergies,
  • chronic fatigue,
  • diabetes,
  • digestive problems,
  • heart disease,
  • hormonal problems,
  • migraine headaches,
  • PMS,
  • chronic skin problems,
  • dental health:

The first thing that most people notice when they start oil pulling is an improvement in their oral health. Teeth become whiter, breath becomes fresher, and the tongue and gums take on a healthy pink color.  Even problems such as bleeding gums, tooth decay, and gum disease are greatly diminished or completely healed. It is also incredibly effective in reducing inflammation and healing oral infections.

  • induce loss of appetite, indirectly helping you lose weight


How does it work?

Our mouths are the home to billions of microorganisms. They produce waste products and it is these waste products and the germs itself that cause gum disease and dental caries and contribute to many other health problems.

The oil works by detoxifying or cleansing the body. As you move oil slowly in the mouth as in rinsing or swishing, this thoroughly mixes the oil with saliva. As the process continues, the oil gets thinner and white. If the oil is still yellow, it has not been pulled long enough. It is then spit from the mouth, and the mouth thoroughly rinsed. Toxins are pulled from the body the very first time you try it. One of the first sign of cleansing you will experience is an increased flow of mucous from your throat and sinuses. You may even have to expel the oil and clear the mucous from your throat before reaching a full 20 minutes. If that happens, simply take another spoonful of oil and continue until you’ve pulled for a total of 15-20 minutes. You may also gag or feel a little nausea and may even need to vomit as your body expels toxic waste. These symptoms will subside as your body becomes cleaner and you become more comfortable with oil pulling.


How is it done?

  • Dr. Karach’s method of oil pulling consists of swishing, not gargling, vegetable oil in the mouth. The oil is “worked” in the mouth by pushing, pulling, and drawing it through the teeth for a period of 15 to 20 minutes.
  • It is done one to three times a day on an empty stomach. The best time is in the morning before breakfast, but can be done before any meal. You may find it useful to have a reading material at hand so that you can do something else while oil pulling.
  • The used oil is discarded and the mouth rinsed out with normal tap water. The oil is never swallowed because it is loaded with bacteria, toxins, pus, and mucous.
  • Oil pulling should become a regular part of your daily routine, like brushing your teeth, just as losing weight is achieved through a healthy lifestyle, and not a one-time thing.


Vegetable oils

What type of oil can be used?

Sunflower and sesame seed oils are the most commonly used for oil pulling, but any vegetable oil will work, e.g.: olive, coconut, almond, and other oils. If you use a mild flavored coconut oil it is very pleasant in the mouth. Some oils, such as extra virgin olive oil, are so strong flavored that many people find them difficult to use.

Why should I try oil pulling?

Oil pulling is cheap, easy, relatively effortless, completely harmless, and reaps multiple health benefits. All you need is a bottle of vegetable oil and a bit of time, and you’re good to go. Although there are reports that doubt the credibility of this technique, you’ve got nothing to lose!


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    The oil works by detoxifying or cleansing the body. As you move oil slowly in the mouth as in rinsing or swishing, this thoroughly mixes the oil with saliva.

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