What Can You Use to Whiten Dentures?

When a denture is fabricated, the patient is asked to choose the shade of the teeth along with the dentist at the chair side. The patient would be given a face mirror to hold, and different variety of shades of teeth can be held up for the patient to see through the reflection of the mirror. The shade the approximated the adjacent tooth most should be chosen, and not the most desired shade by the patient. Therefore, choosing the shade of the teeth of the denture is always a delicate balance between what the dentist thinks is suitable, and what the patient wants.

Once the shade is agreed upon by two parties, and the denture is fabricated, the patient must be given instructions on how to take care of the denture. It doesn’t have to be challenging to keep dentures at the colour when it is fabricated — it just takes a little commitment each day. If the dentures become stained, you probably already have the things around your house that you can use to whiten your dentures safely and it only takes a few minutes.


The methods are described below:

  1. Brush Your Dentures Daily and Regularly

Dentu - creme : Denture cleaning cream

Make sure to brush your dentures thoroughly two to three times per day. This will help prevent stains. This is particularly important if you eat or drink staining foods such as coffee, tea and blueberries. It is important for the patient to never brush the denture with toothpaste because the regular toothpaste contains abrasives that will polish off the artificial teeth’s surface. This abrasive was originally intended to scratch off any stains on our natural teeth, which are stronger than artificial teeth and will not be worn down. There is a specially formulated denture cream for denture wearers to clean their denture with instead of using toothpaste. These are not as destructive as the abrasives in regular toothpaste.

2. Using Natural Whiteners

Brush your dentures thoroughly, then make a paste out of baking soda and brush them with it. Baking soda is excellent for removing stains and it’s non-abrasive. Be sure to rinse your dentures thoroughly after this.

You can use white vinegar to remove stains on your dentures. Be sure to brush your dentures well before using white vinegar. Soak your dentures in the white vinegar. Rinse them thoroughly and brush them with a denture cleaning toothbrush, although regular toothbrush can also be used, the latter is recommended.

3. Using Denture Cleaning Toothbrush

Oral B double headed denture brush

Use an Oral B denture brush to whiten your dentures. These are made especially to clean dentures and other partials. After cleaning them properly, you should dip them in glass of water. Water hydrates and rejuvenates your dentures. It also removes germs and odors.

4. Using Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner

You can purchase a Branson Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner. This product allows you to use different cleaning solutions for your dentures, providing you the type of cleaning or whitening that you desire. It also leaves dentures fresh and comfortable. The mechanism of the ultrasonic cleaning device is that these machines use high frequency sound waves to break up food particles and stains to help keep dentures white.

5. Using Denture Whitening Solution

Buy a denture whitening solution that will whiten your dentures. It’s important to purchase something that is specifically for dentures. If you use a whitener that isn’t meant for dentures, you could etch the surface of your dentures and cause damage to them. Soak the dentures in the whitening solution overnight to remove stains and disinfect the dentures. Denture cleaning solutions can be purchased in individual packets and this should be done every night for best possible effect.

If not, denture whitening solution can also be created at home by using a dilute bleach solution. Mix one part of bleach to three parts of water and soak the dentures in it overnight; this will disinfect and “bleach” the surface. After bleaching the dentures, they should be thoroughly rinsed in tap water. This procedure can be done as needed or daily if desired.

6. Using Ultraviolet Cleaning Device

Ultraviolet denture cleaning device

In addition to killing bacteria, ultraviolet light denture cleaning devices will help whiten the dentures’ surface. These machines have the advantage that they can be used daily.

Remember that if the staining occurred due to prolonged negligence, it is almost impossible to remove the stains. The stains would have adhered to the surface of the dentures too strongly, and these denture cleaners, although useful, do not perform miracles. If all of the above method fails, the last resort is to remake a new set of dentures with the desired shade of the teeth.

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