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Know Your Children Teeth As They Grow

Teeth eruption @

Teeth eruption @

We have two sets of teeth. Initially, we have 20 baby teeth. Baby teeth are also known as primary teeth. These baby teeth will exfoliate and be replaced by 32 permanent teeth. There is no replacement if we lost our permanent teeth. Some people may have more or less teeth compared to the norm. This occurrence is usually genetically inherited.

Tooth eruption refers to emergence of tooth from its developmental position in the jaw to its functional position in the oral cavity. A tooth erupts when its root starts to grow. As its root becomes longer, the force pushes the tooth out of the gums. Continue reading

Teeth Grinding

Worn of tooth due to teeth grinding

Worn of tooth due to teeth grinding


Are you grinding teeth in your sleep?

Teeth grinding is clinically referred by dentist as bruxism. Patients are frequently unaware of this habit because they are grinding teeth in sleep.This condition is usually referred to by dentist as sleep bruxism. Sleep bruxism is a medical and dental problem as it affects both the teeth and the structures of the face and neck. Most people will not realize that they have this habit until obvious signs and symptoms occur. Continue reading

How to Prevent Salivary Gland Cancer

The major salivary glands © Reed Group

The major salivary glands © Reed Group

Salivary glands are glands found in the mouth that makes saliva. The glands can be classified into two groups – major and minor salivary glands. Major salivary glands consist of three paired glands – the parotid, submandibular and sublingual glands while the minor ones are countless small glands located throughout the mouth. Saliva is essential for the normal functioning and health of the mouth.  Disorder of salivary glands function can lead to oral disease, for example tooth decay and gum disease.

The most common cause of a salivary gland lump is mumps, which usually affects children and typically causes painful swellings on both sides of the face. However there are many other causes of swelling in the salivary glands, for example salivary gland infection, salivary gland cancer, systemic diseases and drugs. Continue reading

How to deal with chronic myofascial pain

Chronic myofascial pain syndrome.Image is taken from

Chronic myofascial pain syndrome.

There are numbers of condition that can cause pain which seem to be associated with a tooth. These conditions are associated with muscle injury and are non tooth-origin, although the pain may seem to be coming from a tooth or gum. One of the most common conditions is chronic myofascial pain.

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Beware of these in Children’s Teeth Part II

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Ectopic canine @ stringertorthodontics
Ectopic canine @ stringertorthodontics

Un-erupted tooth

Permanent teeth may submerge inside the jaw bone or gums for a few reasons.


  • Impaction due to insufficient space
  • Missing genetically
  • Ectopic tooth – tooth is not at its original eruption site, it has been displaced to somewhere else. This usually happens to permanent canine.
  • Ankylosis of baby teeth ( baby teeth’s roots fused to jaw bone causing it to retain and not falling off accordingly)

Test and Diagnosis Continue reading

Facts you should know about Lateral Periodontal Cyst


The lateral periodontal cyst arises from some of tissue remnants of periodontal ligament. It is an uncommon type of cyst. It is considered to be developmental and not as a result of inflammation process or infection.  It is more common in middle-aged adult males.

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Does Zoom Teeth Whitening System actually works?

Zoom teeth whitening system

Zoom teeth whitening system

Zoom is a type of teeth whitening system made popular by the ABC network’s Extreme Makeover show. Zoom teeth whitening system is used to bleach teeth which are discolored, giving them a whiter appearance. It is generally done as an in-office bleaching procedure, or otherwise known as professional bleaching. In other words, this can only be done by your dentist as opposed to home teeth whitening kits due to the high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide involved and the need of extra measures to protect gums and other soft tissues.

How does the Zoom teeth whitening system work?

Teeth whitening systems such as Zoom and Britesmile, another highly popular brand, are commonly categorized under laser teeth whitening. Strictly speaking, they are actually light activated teeth whitening products where a blue-green spectrum light is utilized to catalyze bleaching reaction of tooth whitening gel applied on surfaces of teeth. The incorporation of light claims to not only activate the active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, it also allows further penetration into tooth structure, resulting in greater bleaching capacity.

To date, there are contraindicating reports regarding the efficacy of blue light in terms of activating bleaching products. Most pointed out that there is no significant evidence supporting such need, whilst others remained positive of its vital role in enhancing bleaching results. Continue reading

Beware of these in Children’s Teeth Part I

Children start to have their first tooth at the age of six months. It is this crucial period that parents or guardians need to watch out a few matters pertaining to children’s dental health. Pediatric dentistry refers to dental matters on children. The most common problem in pediatric dentistry is dental caries or tooth decay. Continue reading

How to Test for Syphilis

© Columbus Public Health

© Columbus Public Health

Syphilis is a serious sexually transmitted disease caused by spirochetal bacterium Treponema pallidum that can cause damage to the heart or nerves and unborn baby. The incidence of syphilis, which can be fatal, is on the rise and it can present as a irregular severe form of HIV infection. Continue reading

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

Overview of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease is an acute endemic viral infection commonly affecting  children younger than ten years of age. This Hand Foot and Mouth Disease virus rarely effects adults unless they have a lower immunity level.For example, HIV  and diabetic patients.  Round red lesions (any localized, abnormal structural change in the body) are mostly seen in the mouth, on the hands and foot. In the mouth it is precipitated by a mild sore throat and followed by painful ulcers. On the hands and legs, a rash usually develops first and then red lesions are usually seen. Continue reading